Category: Pride Month

Celebrating Transgender Contributions and Raising Awareness: A Look at Transgender Observances

Transgender individuals continue to face discrimination and challenges in their daily lives. To promote greater understanding and acceptance, several observances have been established to honor the transgender community and highlight their struggles. From Trans Awareness Month and Transgender Day of Remembrance in November to Transgender Day of Visibility in March, read on to learn more about these important observances and how they help to raise awareness of the ongoing fight for transgender rights.

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The Stonewall Riots: The Need for Change in the LGBTQ+ Community

The Stonewall Riots marked a turning point in the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights. They sparked a national conversation about the treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals, and helped to galvanize the LGBTQ+ rights movement. In this article, we explore the need for change in the LGBTQ+ community, and how the Stonewall Riots were a critical moment in the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Join us as we remember the past, celebrate the present, and continue the fight for equality and justice for all.

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