Nebraska state senator Megan Hunt is under investigation for a potential conflict of interest after she voted against a bill that would ban gender-affirming healthcare for minors, including her transgender child. Omaha attorney David Begley filed a complaint against Hunt for not filing a potential conflict of interest statement before she voted against LB 574, which could financially benefit her if it doesn’t become law and her son’s health coverage could then be covered by Medicaid. The complaint has been called “frivolous” and “malicious” by several lawmakers who spoke out against it.

Despite the investigation, Hunt has been vocal about her support for trans rights and has been fighting against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Nebraska. She tweeted on Wednesday that she was under official investigation for a conflict of interest for standing for trans rights.

The investigation has sparked outrage among social activists who believe that Hunt is being harassed and that this investigation is an attempt to stop corruption, increase transparency, and hold governments accountable.
This investigation highlights the importance of standing up and being heard. Nebraska’s youth have the power to make a difference by registering to vote early and making sure to vote when the time comes. With issues like LGBTQ+ rights at stake, young people must make their voices heard and push for change.

As the investigation into Hunt continues, it remains to be seen how it will impact the fight for trans rights and the future of LGBTQ+ legislation in Nebraska. However, one thing is certain: Young people have the power to make a difference by getting involved and making their voices heard at the polls.

Image Credit: By Megan Hunt –, CC BY 4.0,