I burned this lone candle on Transgender Day of Remembrance. This one candle to remember all those that gave their lives for nothing more than being themselves, including 5 more that entered those ranks just the night before. This lone candle because it only takes one to never forget those that came before us and started riots when everyone said to shut up. Those that paved the path to show us that we were more than what talk shows wanted us to be.

We need to continue to remember those that came before us, those that helped teach the world it’s ok to be yourself; and we need to shout it from the rooftops that we are here to stay and we will not leave.

We are He and She; we are They and Them. We are Man and Woman, Boy and Girl, Child and Adult, and everyone else. Just as importantly, we are human beings. even on the days that remind us just how horrid the human race really can be.

I Am Transgender, I identify as She/Her no matter how I may look at a given day. You may call me Kirstyn or Piper, or whatever you want. But no matter what you say, you will not take anything away from me.

Shout out to Cosmic Debris, LLC for the awesome representation candle. Thank You for helping me feel seen.

I originally posted this on Instagram and realized it was important to post here as well.